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South Face. Sunset. Everest on Fire 2003.jpg
South Face Everest at sunset. Taken from Kalar Pattar, Nepal. 2003.

Copy of Beau.JPG
My Angel 'Beau'

Nepal06 284.JPG
Self Portrait.

Beau1Copy of IMG_7842.JPG
Beautiful 'Beau'

A screen based slide show to accompany Presentation 1 - text. These slides should be transitioned when prompted by red text in the companion script for Presentation 1. The slides fit in with the presentation in text and can be viewed alongside by…

This is a script of a talk given by Andrew Voyce as an expert by experience in November 2012. This talk may be read in conjunction with 'Presentation 1 - slides to go with' using two half-screen windows for the two parts of the presentation. There…

Picture 006.JPG
Photograph of Stuart Baker-Brown



Me with my dog who was my best psychiatrist.
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