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This black and white photograph is of Andrew Voyce as a child aged about nine taken in the back garden of the family home in Orpington.

This is an image of Van Gough's sunflowers painted in 1888 in France with a mock up of Van Gough's vase created by Andrew Voyce filled with sunflowers of the same varieties used by Van Gough which were grown in the garden of 73a Centre in Bexhill in…

This certificate was awarded in 1998 by Brighton University for the degree of Master of Arts in Social and Public Policy. it was awarded for successfully completing eight taught modules and 16,000 word dissertation. The teaching took place over two…

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This is a screen shot of Professor Jerome Carson's page on the University of Bolton website

Kids_Party_Cut_1_Conform high res

Cropped version of 'Child of Nepal'



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