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I have been labeled ‘mad’ by society, so therefore seen as unbalanced. Society’s way of redressing that is not to help me make sense of the childhood trauma that triggered my psychosis, nor to tackle inequality and discrimination in society because…

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Dolly Sen's Bird Tattoo. The Bird Tattoo was my first tattoo. I wanted to stop self harming, I wanted to be free from it and my mental health problems, so this birds symbolises my intention to discover the freedom to be me, and to fly as high as I…

A performance art piece at Bonkerfest in 2006, where I attempted to screw a lightbulb into the sky. I did it because the world needs more light, and recovery to me is bringing my own light back into my life, and hopefully inspire others to do the…

Dolly Sen's Buddha Tattoo. The thing that really helped me to begin to get better was discovering Buddhism. Compassion for all beings means compassion for self, which was hard but Buddhism taught me how to do that. Meditation calmed me. It is the one…

An interview of Dolly Sen by a BME Mental Health magazine.

An interview of Dolly Sen for a BME Mental Health magazine.

An interview with Dolly Sen by a BME Mental Health magazine.

A picture of me aged 3

School photograph
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