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A screen grab of my art website.

You can't be healed unless you feel. A documentary I directed at university exploring the misconception that people with Asperger's don't have empathy.

A poem by Dolly Sen

lost freedom passes-DollySen.jpg
Lost Freedom Passes found in the lost property dept of the soul.

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Dolly Sen directing her Barbican-commissioned film on psychosis.

Talking about creativity's positive impact on mental health.


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Dolly Sen's Grace Beats Karma Tattoo. 'Grace Beats Karma' is to remind me that I have the power within me to go against the karma of the life I have had, to be bigger than the pain and obstacles and trauma, and all you need to do is have a little…

Dolly Sen's Bird Tattoo. The Bird Tattoo was my first tattoo. I wanted to stop self harming, I wanted to be free from it and my mental health problems, so this birds symbolises my intention to discover the freedom to be me, and to fly as high as I…
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