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Nepal06 284.JPG
Self Portrait.

Copy of Beau.JPG
My Angel 'Beau'

Beau1Copy of IMG_7842.JPG
Beautiful 'Beau'

South Face. Sunset. Everest on Fire 2003.jpg
South Face Everest at sunset. Taken from Kalar Pattar, Nepal. 2003.

Everest Region. 'En Route' to Mera Peak. Nepal..jpg
Everest Region. Taken 'en route' to Mera Peak. Approx 6000m.

Copy of Himalayas in Blue.jpg

Copy of RBCremation 3.jpg

This cartoon slide show illustrates some of the situations met by undergraduates and graduates in the now-closed NHS asylums in the UK. Mental illness often begins in the teens or twenties, the student years.

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