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I don't agree with this traditional view of an archivist

Peter's life
When delivering hearing voices training to care workers in Sheffield in April 2013, Peter shared his life story with the group. This is a short clip of Peter telling his story to give a flavour of what it is like when Peter's story comes directly…

This certificate was awarded in 1998 by Brighton University for the degree of Master of Arts in Social and Public Policy. it was awarded for successfully completing eight taught modules and 16,000 word dissertation. The teaching took place over two…

This is a recent photograph taken in 2011. I don't want use descriptors that imply an independent person. I don't want to use the word 'well', I am told I am well by my counsellor. I have lived in the community for over 20 years without episodes…

This is a slide from one of my powerpoint presentations quoting Cook and Schwartz in relation to archives and power.

The AHRC logo for the web. Anna Sexton's PhD is funded through an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award 2011-2014.

This is a song written by Andrew Voyce in partnership with the group SideFX of CreativeBexhill, Social Enterprise. It is a tongue in cheek song. It satirises public perception of mental health as driven by the media. The media gives the public…

I have been labeled ‘mad’ by society, so therefore seen as unbalanced. Society’s way of redressing that is not to help me make sense of the childhood trauma that triggered my psychosis, nor to tackle inequality and discrimination in society because…

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Dolly Sen's Bird Tattoo. The Bird Tattoo was my first tattoo. I wanted to stop self harming, I wanted to be free from it and my mental health problems, so this birds symbolises my intention to discover the freedom to be me, and to fly as high as I…

Harry Baker Brown (Stuart Baker Brown's grandfather). Description given on Pathe website: "Harry Baker Brown has amazing ability to do all kinds of things whilst blindfolded. C/U of newspaper cuttings featuring Harry. We see him having blindfold…
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