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This image is of the front cover of a DVD based on Peter's life experience called 'Away With Voices'. The film itself features Peter's own voice over animated drawings by Rosie Tate (also responsible for editing and producing the film). The front…

national paranoia network.jpg
This is a screenshot from the National Paranoia Network website. The text reads: 'Peter is a voice hearer who spent ten years as a psychiatric patient enduring many bouts of severe paranoia. Through learning holistic approaches and with support…

Hearing Voices Group.jpg
This is a screenshot showing information about the Sheffield Hearing Voices Group from the Hearing Voices Network website.

Peter with his father.jpg
This is Peter Bullimore with his father at a family wedding. Peter says that this was taken when people were telling him to slow down. He says that when he looks at this picture he can see it in his face - thin and stressed from the pressure of…

Peter Bullimore with his son.jpg
This is Peter Bullimore with his baby son

Peter Bullimore 7.jpg
This is Peter Bullimore Aged Seven, around the time the abuse started.

Peter as toddler.jpg
This is an image of Peter Bullimore as a toddler.

greedy chicken.jpg
This image is taken from Peter Bullimore's children's book called 'A Village Called Pumpkin'. It is part of a chapter called 'The Greedy Chicken'. The picture shows the greedy chicken known as Mollie with the Bumblebee of Wisdom.

An image from Peter Bullimore's children's book called 'A Village Called Pumpkin' taken from the chapter called 'The Slopeiphant Comes to Town'. The image shows the slopeiphant with another character called Little Nigglet.
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