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Cropped version of 'Child of Nepal'


SBB Schizo The Horror Movie.png
A still used by BBC Health Correspondent Adam Brimelow in an article about Stuart and his role in the Time to Change anti-stigma campaign - Schizo The Horror Movie.


This image is of the front cover of a DVD based on Peter's life experience called 'Away With Voices'. The film itself features Peter's own voice over animated drawings by Rosie Tate (also responsible for editing and producing the film). The front…

This is a powerpoint slide created by Anna Sexton to show the iterative cycles of planning, action, observation and reflection running though Participatory Action Research. The model is adapted from Zuber-Skerritt, O., 1993. Higher Education…

This is a still from a powerpoint presentation by Anna Sexton.

Copy of RBCremation 3.jpg

Child of Nepal.jpg

Everest Region. 'En Route' to Mera Peak. Nepal..jpg
Everest Region. Taken 'en route' to Mera Peak. Approx 6000m.
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