A dominant voice

Peter Bullimore and his baby son

Peter Bullimore with his son

Up to the age of seventeen I never felt like I fitted in school so I left and got married very very young.  My girlfriend became pregnant, so I got married and became a father at seventeen.  But I never told her about the abuse or the voices.  We went on to have three children and we went through a lot of bad times.  In the thatcher years- you know the recessions – and no work.  I got involved in organized crime.  I didn’t really want to but I wanted to fend for my family so it was something I got drawn into really.  I did find work but we had accrued – well we were in so much debt.  Our house was threatened with repossession, and we had no income hardly – and through the stress and depression the voices started to return. 

I can always remember it was a Friday tea-time and I’d just got paid and I was walking through Sheffield town centre and I was hit with a real booming dominant voice, and this voice kept saying - 'Your Mickey McAvoy – you’re worth millions!'  Now Mickey McAvoy was the guy that robbed the Brinks mat gold.  I foolishly believed what this voice was telling me and I walked into the first pub I found and brought everybody a drink! And then brought them another one thinking I was a millionaire!  So you can imagine my wife’s response when I went home but I couldn’t explain what was going on because it was just so, so confusing. 

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A dominant voice