What you will find on Peter's pages

The text throughout Peter's section has been taken from the edited transcripts of two oral history interviews done with Peter by Anna Sexton in 2013.  Anna has been responsible for the transcription and the selection of transcription parts for Peter's pages.  She is also responsible for structuring the sections and naming the themes within the sections and pages.  The words, however, are Peter's words, they have only been lightly edited from what Peter said to help the text flow as written pieces.

The first sections 'childhood', 'being sectioned', 'revolving doors', 'hope', 'more revolving doors' and 'life today' are Peter's life story and came from the first interview and flowed in the order presented on the site.  In this interview, Anna didn't have to ask Peter any questions other than 'tell me your story...' which naturally flowed from Peter.  The sections 'What is recovery?' and 'Hearing Voices' came from the second interview where Anna was more involved in asking Peter questions about his philosophy and approach to mental health.

In some of the sections (namely, Life Today, Recovery and Hearing Voices) the text from the oral history interviews is enhanced by video clips from training that Peter delivered to care workers in Sheffield in 2013.  Again, Anna was responsible for filming, editing, and selecting the clips for inclusion on the site and decided where within the sections the film clips should appear.

Images from Peter's children's book have also been selected and scanned by Anna to illustrate the page entitled 'A village called Pumpkin'.  Anna has also chosen to take some screen grabs of some of Peter's websites to illustrate his life today.  All the personal photographs that are included were chosen by Peter and passed to Anna to scan and upload onto the site.

In the section 'Other Versions of Peter's Story' the selection of links to other web resources featuring Peter's story was made by Anna.


About Peter's pages
What you will find on Peter's pages