One of my Turning Points

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon 

There have been several turning points in my life, including waking up on my 30th birthday to decide to either commit suicide or give life everything I had. I decided to give life a go. And one of my dreams in life was to travel, and my first major trip abroad was a holiday to the West Coast of America. I wanted to see the Grand Canyon and I did. This is what I said about it in my memoir 'The World is Full of Laughter' published by Chipmunka Publishing. 

From Phoenix we travelled north and left the low desert behind. We reached Sedona in mid morning. It’s a New Age town situated at the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon, where people threatened to cleanse my aura. Of course they charged for it, so I declined. This great holiday was doing a perfectly good job cleaning out my soul. Finally we made it to the place that was my reason for taking the holiday: the Grand Canyon. I wasn’t disappointed. The magnitude of its beauty brought tears to my eyes. There was no doubt it was bigger than any human being, greater than any god. The changing sun transformed the colours of the rock and brought them alive. It may be just a tourist attraction for some, but for me it was a changing point in my life: I could no longer completely believe in suicide any more, not when life could give me this.