My Creativity

Something in your life will always tell your story, so you might as well have control over it. For me, creativity gave me control in the world where because of my diagnosis I had no control. A South American poet said, “Take away someone’s creativity and you take away their humanity. Give someone back their creativity and you give back their life.” Everyone has their own story and the power to change that story as well.

As for my life now, I can choose how it ends. I may have had no choice in how it started, but now I can choose the characters, the dialogue and the plot.  I realized that before this I wasn't writing my life story - pain, past, psychiartry, pedophilla, parent was. None of them could even write a Pot Noodle ad, so why was I giving them power to write my story? Each act of creativity is taking a tiny part of my soul back. You must inspire command of your narrative in any way possible. Creativity is my way of doing just that.