A professional Archivist?

Peterborough's Archivist 2004-2011

Me as the Archivist for Peterborough 2004-2011

I have divided my motivations for being involved in the creation of the recovery archive into 'personal' and 'professional' motivations but this is in many ways a meaningless distinction.  I do not have a professional self that is in someway separate from the rest of me and I am beginning to question more and more all claims around the concept of 'professionalism' that suggests a need to maintain a 'professional distinction' around 'professional activity' in order to 'preserve neutrality'.  I am never neutral, I am never impartial, I am always subjective whatever label I frame what I think and do under. 

So why title this section as 'professional motivations'?  In this section I will try to begin to explain how being an Archivist, immersed in a particular professional culture and discourse has influenced my actions in the past and in the present and brought me to the point of wanting to create the mental health recovery archive.