Three lots of 20 years

Photograph of Andrew Voyce at nine years old

Me aged 9, a photo my mother recently gave me (2013)

I was born in London in 1951 and there then followed three periods of approximately 20 years each.

Until the age of 20 I was a hard working grammar school boy and undergraduate at Reading University. 

Photo booth image of Andrew Voyce as a revolving door patient

A photo booth snap of me aged 39

From 1974 to 1991 I became a revolving door asylum patient: I was admitted and readmitted about 12 times to the asylums at Hellingly in East Susssex and Oakwood near Maidstone. 

Andrew Voyce Now

A recent photograph of myself aged 60: the artwork behind me is one of my cartoons 

Then for 20 years after the implementation of the Community Care Act, I have lived in the community in Bexhill on the East Sussex coast. This involved care and support from a residential home, from a group home, from the accommodation team in Bexhill, from the Community Mental Health Team (now the Recovery Team), and the continuous help from the mental health day centre. I also had counselling weekly throughout the period. In 2005 I moved into supported social housing.