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Still from A Few Degrees Below Par Powerpoint 1

Still from 'A Few Degrees Below Par' - an Andrew Voyce powerpoint presentation.  All Andrew's powerpoints can be found on his slideshare site at:http://www.slideshare.net/AndrewsAsylumLife.

This page, 'Creative Stuff' is an appendix to the more structured parts of my archive. There are here exhibits around my experience of asylum life and the effect mental illness has played in my life. The exhibits are linked to three themes: my current activity of giving talks as an 'expert by experience'; two cartoon slide shows that demonstrate crucial issues I had with residence in an asylum (and a still from one cartoon); and two songs written around our project SideFX which have a tongue-in-cheek note rubbishing care and attitudes in mental health.



Click to download this powerpoint representation of the futility and brutality associated with everyday adminsitration of depot injections in NHS asylums. It's got asides through the windows of the asylums while the injections were being done - was there witchcraft in East Sussex, did witches haunt the place?


Click to download this powerpoint representation of the sorry state in which the old National Health Service asylums dealt with me as a former undergraduate in need of care

Click to play this track created in partnership with CreativeBexhill Community Interest Company and our group SideFX. It’s a satirical verse, and no, there was no love lost from me to the staff in the old NHS institutions.

Click to play this track created in partnership with CreativeBexhill Community Interest Company and SideFX, our group. It’s about the media profile of mental health…Crikey, look at this in the news - at least I’m not one of them schizophrenics,  mate.


The Word document of the talk is typical of the scripts I prepare for sessions where I speak as an 'expert by experience' to raise awareness of mental health issues. This talk takes the listener through my usual territory of how I was inducted into the asylum system and the drivers for my repeated admissions over 20 years - the so-called revolving door. My talks evolve over time. I began to speak at events organised by Mental Health First Aid England in about 2007, and have also spoken at Southdown Housing Association, the Maudsley Hospital, at the secure units of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, at the annual meeting of crime-reduction charity NACRO, and elsewhere. My trademark is indicated by the red lines in this script. This is to show where I transition to another slide which I will have brought with me to the location, as a PowerPoint slide show. These pictures will be to accompany my talk and to break up the proceedings. So, where I introduce myself, I have a picture of me with a speech bubble saying 'Hello', and where I mention Mrs Thatcher, I have fly-in bullet points listing her unpopular policies. (I then go on to say that she saved me by closing the asylums.) I never read off bullet points, I use PowerPoint just to illustrate my talk. The default screen saver picture, referred to in red as 'SunflowerPic' is the same picture illustrated in an earlier part of this Recovery Archive.

Creative stuff
A collection of multimedia items