Importance of Buddhism and the Himalayas

The 'Buddha'

'The Buddha' World Peace Stupa. Pokhara, Nepal.

Importance of Buddhism and the Himalayas

The Himalayas and its people have changed my life for the good in many ways. Both physically and emotionally. Winning the Churchill Fellowship gave me a real goal to focus on, a purpose in my life beyond my diagnosis and if I was to succeed with my purpose of trekking to Everest BC, there was no other option, than to get myself physically fit!

Emotionally, I felt accepted by the Buddhist people of Nepal and their beliefs. It taught me that what was often frowned upon here in the UK was not frowned upon in other cultures around the world. I felt accepted for who I am!

I can not claim to have full understanding of Buddhism and believe my understanding to be at the very beginning, very young. What I do know: I feel at home amongst the people and landscape of the Himalayas. Buddhist attitudes has helped me to feel myself and un-judged by its society and beliefs. It is their philosophy to accept 'one and all' and always try to show compassion and understanding.

Buddhism has also helped me to understand others, for example my family, and find some greater understanding and acceptance of their behavior towards myself.

Speaking to my Sherpa’s about life and the possibilities of the unknown and unseen, helped me to understand and accept my own beliefs about the paranormal, about life, the universe, the afterlife and so on. It seemed somewhat natural to communicate my beliefs and I felt I was amongst like minded' souls.

Buddhism can be simple, yet so in depth, peaceful and mind blowing, and very beautiful!

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Importance of Buddhism and the Himalayas