The Pursuit of Reality

I am in constant search for the possible truth behind my own experiences, such as believing the KGB were harming me through psychic activity, the process of remote viewing. Or believing I could stumble across the random codes of the universe and was in contact with the Gods. I also believed I had the ability to mentally 'time travel' and experience 'emotional' contact with my past and future self. 

I shared my mind with other consciousness. 

Although sometimes disabling, my 'schizophrenia' has been very intriguing and taught me much! I now believe we know very little of who and what we truly are, or the space we occupy, the space we don’t occupy. My schizophrenia has taught me, reality is an individual experience, an individual perception of the world which surrounds us and my reality is unique to me, as any individual’s reality is unique to them. 

Although, in so many ways we are all one the same, our experience and perception of life is separate and I believe this needs to be respected!