Physical Impact

Passport Photograph 2000

2000 Passport Photograph.

When I was first diagnosed I weighed approx 94kg. I had been fit for most of my life and never over weight. That was in 1996. By the year 2000 I had reached 162kg and was classed as obese and soon to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

This was caused by a number of things. Sedation from medication obviously stopped me from wanting to exercise and made life difficult. I also became housebound because of stigma and discrimination from society, I was in fear of persecution and it was simply safest to stay in my own home. Medication can also increase appetite; and so, I had the perfect ingredients for huge weight gain! 

There was no real concern about physical side effects from the mental health team and I was not made aware of physical complications that may come my way with medication.

I simply did not have the energy to combat the physical deterioration myself until I had sorted out my own mind.

I also became ashamed of my obesity and did not want people to see me being so over weight. This in itself caused me to self stigmatize and hide away.